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A Collaborative and Comprehensive Investment Review Process

The recommendations of Alternative Wealth Management (AWM) go through a Four Tier Investment Screen and extensive due diligence process before being considered for client investment.

Tier Level

Role in Process

Key Attributes

Tier 1.png

Program Sponsors work closely with a managing broker dealer and legal counsel to structure offerings that can execute on strategies, maximize government incentives and provide equitable revenue share opportunities for investors.

Sponsors can elevate their positioning in many ways, including:

  • Acquisition of assets at attractive price points

  • Aptitude for opportunistic or value add enhancements

  • Obtainment of long-term contracts or tenants

  • History of profitable asset dispositions


For many of the offerings we evaluate, we complement our internal analysis with third party reports which generally include:

Program management history and background checks

  • Evaluation of the business entity and structure

  • Market comparison of fees and expenses

  • Property, industry and geographic analysis

  • Pro forma cash flow and return expectations

  • Summary comments and opinions

Tier 3.png
  • For more than 25 years, we have worked with institutional sponsors to design, syndicate and raise capital for tax advantaged alternative investment programs.​

  • Collaborating with RIAs, Financial Advisors, CPAs/EAs, Real Estate and Legal Professionals, we offer access to sophisticated strategies and environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsible programs that can help maximize current income while seeking to reduce tax exposure, asset correlation and risk.

Tier 4.png
  • Patrick Capital Markets (PCM) is a Managing Broker Dealer that provided design, structure and syndication for over 50 private placements in 2020.


  • PCM conducts rigorous analysis of industry offerings; allowing access only to those that meet its stringent standards.

With an institutional pedigree and/or essential industry experience, program sponsors develop offerings that provide access to what they believe is a compelling sector, niche or strategy

We have access to independent legal analysts; specialized in the review of private placement offerings; that conduct thorough due diligence on sponsors and their programs

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We evaluate offerings by seeking strong sponsor leadership, compelling sector characteristics, competitive market advantages and use of tax code incentives

PCM Logo.png

PCM has extensive experience as a managing dealer for private placements and conducts thorough diligence on a wide range of industry programs


Solutions based providers seek to deliver a comprehensive client experience; similar to that of a family office; providing strategy, planning and centralized advice while outsourcing services beyond their core competencies


AWM partners with professional advisors to help create tax efficient transitions of real estate and capital; providing due diligence  and access to a diversified platform of ESG and other tax advantaged programs


PCM serves as a final line of review for industry product offerings, a managing dealer for private placements and compliance oversight for industry regulations and client interaction

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