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A National Network of Tax Advantaged Advisors

AWM professionals offer access to a wide range of unique programs; providing tax benefits while focusing on environmental, social and governance responsibility.
Your Trusted Resource for
Tax Advantaged Programs and Wealth Preservation Strategies​

AWM principals and advisors have led the capital raise and product development of tax advantaged and alternative investment program Sponsors while educating industry professionals and clients on strategies to reduce tax exposure and enhance portfolio diversification.

Our relationships with developers, acquirers, and managers of high-quality assets, allows for a wide range of passive real estate ownership and other tax advantaged programs designed to preserve and enhance wealth.  We provide access to a variety of exclusive private market offerings for accredited investors seeking to find alternatives to the mainstream.

AWM Professional Network 

Who is on YOUR Team?
AWM Professional Network Partners collaborate with AWM representatives on client financial plans and tax mitigation strategies.  AWM and its Professional Network Partners are not affiliated parties.  Securities offered through Patrick Capital Markets, LLC.
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We provide access to sophisticated strategies and programs, that include;
Real Estate,
Tax Mitigation and
Risk Management.
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AWM Professional Network Partners
Located Nationwide

RIAs | Certified Financial Planners

Accounting Professionals

Real Estate Professionals

Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys

Qualified Intermediaries

Insurance Specialists

And More...

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Jason Pueschel

Founder & Managing Director

"We seek to provide access to best in class programs that maximize the use of government tax incentives.  Every offering is thoroughly vetted through our due diligence process before being introduced to clients."

Collaborative and Comprehensive Investment Review Process
The recommendations of Alternative Wealth Management go through an expansive Four Tier Investment Screen and thorough due diligence analysis before being considered for client investment.
Tier 1
The Program Sponsor
Tier 2
Third Party Review
(available for most offerings)
Tier 3
Alternative Wealth Management
Tier 4
Patrick Capital Markets

Securities Offered Through

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For more information visit

Modern Office

Our broker dealer has substantial experience as a managing dealer for

tax advantaged private placement offerings

and provides thorough due diligence on industry programs.

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Patrick Capital Markets (PCM) is a Managing Broker Dealer that provided design, structure and syndication for over 50 private placements in 2020.

PCM conducts analysis of industry offerings, allowing investor access to selected transactions after completing its due diligence;  all investments contain risk and must be considered in light of the unique needs of each investor.

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