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Reduce Your Tax es!

We provide access to programs that offer pass through tax benefits, including:

Real Estate & 1031 Exchange

Environmental, Social and Governance Responsible

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Government Incentive Programs may reduce tax exposure through:

○  A reduction of Adjusted Gross Income

○  Credits toward taxes owed

Provisions for Business Continuity provide for:

○  The potential for deferral or 

   elimination of capital gains taxes on the sale of real estate or other capital assets

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Choose how to spend your Tax Revenue through

environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsible programs

Congress through the Internal Revenue Code provides benefits for sustainable endeavors, as well as those that promote business continuity and economic growth.

We help identify tax incentives or credits that may reduce your tax liabilities while providing opportunities for investors to be environmental and socially responsible.

Click the Tax Targeter link to receive a free analysis of tax incentives that may be available to you

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IRC Section 1031 Exchange

Gains from the sale of investment real estate may be deferred, with a potential step up in basis for beneficiaries.


Obtain access to a broad range of Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) that can offer diversification and passive ownership of replacement property.

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Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds

Gains from the sale of any asset may
be deferred, in addition to potential
benefits such as gains forgiveness and
exclusion of gains created by the fund.

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Real Estate Development with Conservation Options

If a conservation option is chosen, easements may provide
charitable contribution deductions
for land and mineral conservation.

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Investment Tax Credits

Development of clean energy including solar, wind, CO2 Sequester and Heat Capture technologies may provide tax credits along with depreciation allowance.

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Private Equity

Private Equity ownership of real assets can provide pass through benefits of depreciation, depletion and other deductions against income.

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